Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Piracy PSA and TWIC PAC

Two items of interest –
Concerning piracy: Port Security Advisory (11-09) Supplementary Guidance on Anti-Piracy Defensive Measures, was issued on 12/01/09, to provide “additional clarification to specific Directive requirements based upon lessons learned to date. These clarifications and other changes will be incorporated into the next revision of MARSEC Directive 104-6.” The PSA addresses Heavy Wheel Movements, Communication in the Event of an Attack, AIS, Energizing Fire Pumps and Fire Hoses, Engine Room Manning, and Other Equivalent Measures.

More on TWIC: On Oct. 13, 2009, PAC 03-09 ch. 3 was extended until further notice. This PAC addresses the problem of persons experiencing a longer than 7-day turn around when trying to replace lost and stolen TWIC’s. An additional 30 calendar days of unescorted access can be granted “provided that all requirements under 33 CFR 104.265(c)(2)(i),(ii), and (iii), 105.255(c)(2)(i),(ii), and (iii), or 106.260(c)(2)(i)(ii), and (iii) are met and the following:

1) The individual provides proof that a replacement TWIC has been ordered ( a payment receipt (for $60.00) is acceptable as proof); and

2) Provide the VSO, FSO, or other designated employee with security duties, the individual’s first name and last name and application I.D. (if known). This information can then be used by the facility to confirm that the individual has previously held a valid TWIC and has ordered a replacement by using the card status check feature on TSA’s website located at: “

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