Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Talking to a Live Person at the TWIC HelpDesk

I am writing an article about the TWIC program and I wanted to confirm that the only way to reset a lost PIN was via an in-person visit to an enrollment center, as per the TWIC website FAQ's. I dialed the HelpDesk number and listened to the menu; none of the options seemed right so I selected "enrollment." None of the options under this selection was correct and hitting "O" simply got me a "Sorry, I did not understand that selection" message. There did not seem to be a way to get to a live person by using the menu selections.

I redialed the main number and did not select any options and this time was directed through to a live rep. I got a message that the wait time would be over five minutes.  The actual wait time was  around twelve  minutes but when the rep came on, she was very polite as has always been my experience with the HelpDesk and she answered my question - enrollment center only to reset PIN's and that is depending on when the card was issued. Some PIN re-sets require issuance of a new card.

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