Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MARSEC Directive 104-6 Rev 2 and 3

On May 25, the U. S. Coast Guard issued MARSEC Directive 104-6 Maritime Security Directive 104-6 (Rev 2 and 3); Guidelines for
U.S. Vessels Operating in High Risk Waters. This Directive only applies to
U.S. flagged vessels subject to the Maritime Transportation Security
Act (MTSA) on international voyages through or in designated high risk
waters, and provides additional anti-piracy guidance and mandatory
measures for these vessels operating in these areas where acts of
piracy and armed robbery against ships are prevalent. MARSEC Directive
104-6 (Rev 2 and 3) also includes an annex that provides specific
direction for vessels operating around the Horn of Africa. MARSEC
Directives are designated Sensitive Security Information (SSI) and are
not subject to public release. Details of publication in the Federal Register on May 25.