Friday, January 29, 2016

Maritime Commons Reports on Texas AMSC Cyber Training: USCG Remarks

In the January 28, 2016 Coast Guard Maritime Commons, the Coast Guard reported on the South Texas Area Maritime Security Committee Maritime Awareness Security Terrorism Training Seminar focusing on Cybersecurity. Maritime Commons gave a digest of Sector Corpus Christi’s Commander and Chair of the Area Maritime Security Committee, Capt. Tony Hahn’s remarks. He referred to the importance of the Coast Guard’s Cyber Strategy and encouraged attendees to do the following:

  •         Incorporate cybersecurity into Area Maritime Security Committee risk assessments;
  •         Leverage grant funding to evaluate cyber risks;
  •         Create discreet venues to share cybersecurity information with maritime industry;
  •         Develop guidance for commercial vessels and facilities on how to identify and evaluate cyber-related vulnerabilities;
  •         Work with the International Maritime Organization to develop global maritime cyber prevention and response protocols;
  •         Incorporate cybersecurity into required training for vessel and security officers;
  •         Incorporate cybersecurity into requirements for Coast Guard issued mariner credentials