Friday, January 28, 2011

Small Vessel Security course

The University of Findlay has submitted a proposal to FEMA to develop a small vessel security course through the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC.) In recognizing the need for consistent, quality training which addresses the challenges facing the rural response and planning community, Congress and the Department of Homeland Security established the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium to develop and deliver relevant all-hazards training in support of rural homeland security requirements. All training developed under RDPC is DHS-certified and delivered free to the end user. For the RDPC, the University developed AWR 144 Port and Vessel Security for Public Safety and Maritime Personnel, which has been presented in 40 locations across the U.S. Among the topics covered in this course are the security responsibilities of marine terminals under 33 CFR 105.

In support of course development, the small vessel security stakeholder community will be given an opportunity to participate in an on-line survey concerning course topics and structure. The link to the survey is We will also have an exhibit at the Small Vessel Security Threat Conference in Miami, FL, February 8 - 9, 2011, where we will be glad to network with the small vessel security stakeholder community about this course and other maritime security initiatives offered by RDPC.